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about the site

Established in September 2002, DearOne.net is my personal web playground. As you might be able to tell, I like me some TV! The domain was named after my favorite Buffy/Angelverse character, Darla (portrayed by the talented and lovely Julie Benz). The inspiration for the name came from the following line: "Darla, Anglo-Saxon derivation, meaning 'dear one' -- huh, didn't come into common usage until more than a hundred years after she was born. He must have given it to her. I didn't even know her real name." (Angel's words, from the Season 2 episode, Darla) What began as a Whedonish-themed site has morphed and changed over the years, along with my fannish interests.

Original site material (layout, contents and all multimedia creations) is copyright 2002-2009 by chasa and is not to be reproduced or distributed without permission. This site is provided purely for fan entertainment and enjoyment purposes and no infringement of the rights of any legitimate copyright holders of materials used here is either intended or implied. I make no profit from this site, and my work is meant simply as a tribute to those things that I enjoy.

Page last modified Feb 22, 2009

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Casino Royale photoshoot. Gorgeousness squared: Daniel Craig as James Bond and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd.

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Anyone is welcome to link to my site. If you would like a graphic to use, feel free to grab the one below:


site credits

Site hand-coded in Notepad. Graphics created in Photoshop.

Many thanks to the brush/pattern/texture resources that have prettied up my digital art (I realize some of these sites are now gone, but I wanted to leave credit for them all the same):

Touchstone's Art
Just Dreaming
Arte Digital
Insomniac Brushes
Wav's LiveJournal
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