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This page houses my music videos and sounds. By downloading any of the multimedia creations available on this site, you are agreeing that you WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DISTRIBUTE OR UPLOAD THEM ELSEWHERE without my permission, nor will you use them as raw material for your own work (i.e., like chopping up my videos to use as clips for your own). These creations are not intended to infringe upon legitimate copyrights for the source material used -- they are for non-profit fan enjoyment only.

Page last modified Jan 18, 2013

music videos 

Feedback is lovely and always warmly appreciated on vids both new and old. If you find something enjoyable here, I hope you'll consider taking a moment to let me know -- all of the vids have comment links which lead to my LiveJournal. Comments also welcome via the contact form.

Video content: Some of the shows vidded contain mature content (sex, nudity, violence, etc.). If you're familiar with the show in question, then you obviously know what the vid might contain! If not, then consider this your warning that not all vids are work-safe and family-friendly.

Ballerina Lake

Title Ballerina Lake
Topic Womb (2010 movie starring Eva Green and Matt Smith)
Music Ballerina Lake by Scott Matthews
Stats Completed January 2013, 4:47
MP4 (H.264 encode) 1024x432, 70.9MB zipped
Streaming YouTube (also embedded at comment link)
More notes at comment link below

He is alive and well inside her body.

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Pure Imagination

Title Pure Imagination
Topic Doctor Who (Eleventh Doctor)
Music Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Stats Completed April 2010, 2:20
DivX (best) 704x396, 34.7MB zipped
More notes at comment link below

"You wanted to come fourteen years ago."
"I grew up."
"Don't worry, I'll soon fix that."

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Pour Lui

Title Pour Lui
Topic Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace (James Bond movies)
Music Even So by Rachael Yamagata
Stats Completed September 2009, 3:59
DivX (best) 752x320, 59.6MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 564x240, 32.1MB zipped
More notes at comment link below

You're gonna hate me when I tell you everything.

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Title Skin
Topic Casino Royale (2006 James Bond movie)
Music Skin Is, My by Andrew Bird
Stats Completed November 2008, 3:40
DivX (best) 752x320, 55.4MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 564x240, 29.6MB zipped
More notes at comment link below

Double-0 status confirmed; it's a pity MI6 doesn't supply the skin to go along with it.

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Title Eulogy
Topic Supernatural; through S3
Music Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young by Faron Young
Stats Completed October 2008, 2:29
DivX (best) 704x396, 37.7MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 512x288, 20.0MB zipped
More notes at comment link below

Dean character study, made for girlguidejones as a WinCon 2008 premiering vid.

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I Am The Drug

Title I Am The Drug
Topic Dexter; S2
Music I Am The Drug by Ed Harcourt
Stats Completed May 2008 (released August 2008), 3:04
DivX (best) 704x396, 45.8MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 512x288, 24.8MB zipped
More notes and lyrics at comment link below

Yes, he has an addiction.

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Dance With Me

Title Dance With Me
Topic Ballroom dancing movies
Music Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan
Stats Completed March 2008 (released August 2008), 3:15
DivX (best) 704x396, 49.6MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 512x288, 26.2MB zipped
More movies used plus other notes at comment link below

Competitive ballroom dancing plus gratuitous sparkles.

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The Wizard and I

Title The Wizard and I
Topic Ashes to Ashes; S1
Music The Wizard and I from Wicked (music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, performed by Idina Menzel)
Stats Completed July 2008, 3:19
DivX (best) 640x360, 48.9MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 512x288, 26.9MB zipped
More notes and lyrics at comment link below

They're Oz's favorite team.

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Something Beautiful

Title Something Beautiful
Topic Friday Night Lights; S2
Music Something Beautiful by Tracy Bonham
Stats Completed May 2008, 3:49
DivX (best) 704x396, 54.9MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 512x288, 30.9MB zipped
More notes and lyrics at comment link below

Something in me almost breaks, but I wait...

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Let The Sun Fall Down

Title Let The Sun Fall Down
Topic Friday Night Lights; S1
Music Let The Sun Fall Down by Kim Richey
Stats Completed December 2007, 3:43
DivX 640x360, 44.8MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 43.3MB zipped
More notes and lyrics at comment link below

Life, the Universe, Football and Everything in Dillon, Texas.

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Title Gemini
Topic Jekyll; S1
Music Darkness by Peter Gabriel
Stats Completed September 2007, 4:03
DivX 640x360, 47.1MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 47.1MB zipped
More notes and lyrics at comment link below

Beneath this skin these fragments caught.

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With One Glance

Title With One Glance
Topic Moulin Rouge (2001 movie)
Music The Tower of Learning by Rufus Wainwright
Stats Completed June 2007, 3:46
DivX 640x360, 43.9MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 42.7MB zipped
More lyrics

All the sights of Paris pale inside your iris.

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Keep Breathing

Title Keep Breathing
Topic Dexter; all of S1 (Deb-centric)
Music The Trick Is To Keep Breathing by Garbage
Stats Completed April 2007, 3:11
DivX 640x360, 35.6MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 34.2MB zipped
More lyrics

Maybe she'll get what she wants this time around.

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Title Vibrate
Topic Dexter; all of S1
Music Vibrate by Rufus Wainwright
Stats Completed January 2007, 2:50
DivX 640x360, 31.7MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 30.4MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

A game of cat-and-mouse and a search for kinship.

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Title Gravity
Topic Farscape; S4 (Terra Firma-centric, but other eps used through 4.17)
Music Gravity by John Mayer
Stats Completed November 2006, 3:47
DivX 640x360, 45.5MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 41.5MB zipped
More lyrics

It's never easy.

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Make Lemonade

Title Make Lemonade
Topic Dexter; through 1.04
Music Gotta Lotta Lemons by Groove For Thought
Stats Completed October 2006, 2:47
DivX 640x360, 32.3MB zipped
Windows Media 640x360, 28.0MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

Dexter's gotta lotta lemons.

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Title his/hers
Topic Nip/Tuck; S1
Music Volcano (remix) by Damien Rice
Stats Completed September 2006, 3:17
Windows Media 640x480, 37.4MB zipped
More lyrics

What I am to you is not what you mean to me.

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Rhapsody In Green

Title Rhapsody In Green
Topic Farscape; Green Eyed Monster (3.08) episodic
Music Cheers Darlin' by Damien Rice
Stats Completed April 2006, 4:06
Windows Media 640x480, 42.6MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

Wherein hardware insertion is a wedding (of sorts) and John is sure as hell not throwing rice.

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Cold Water

Title Cold Water
Topic Farscape; S2 (with a couple of non-contextual 3.01 clips)
Music Cold Water by Damien Rice
Stats Completed January 2006, 5:00
Windows Media 640x480, 52.1MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

Lord, can you hear me now? Or am I lost?

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Full Circle

Title Full Circle
Topic Farscape; S3-4
Music Bedshaped by Keane
Stats Completed December 2005, 4:40
Windows Media 640x480, 48.9MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

You'll follow me back with the sun in your eyes.

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Title leave-taking
Topic Farscape; The Choice (3.17) episodic
Music Untitled by Tom McRae
Stats Completed September 2005, 4:00
Windows Media 640x480, 37.8MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

Giving up the ghost takes time.

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Man Smart, Woman Smarter

Title Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Topic Angel; all seasons
Music Man Smart, Woman Smarter by Robert Palmer
Stats Remastered August 2005 (originally released March 2004), 3:06
Windows Media 320x240, 14.0MB zipped
More notes and lyrics

The title pretty much explains it all...those pretty boys of Angel, ever so easy to have some fun at their expense ;)

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Title Prayer
Topic Farscape; through ep 4.19 (We're So Screwed Part 1: Fetal Attraction)
Music Mary by Kristin Hoffmann
Stats Completed July 2005, 4:18
Windows Media (best) 640x480, 48.4MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 320x240, 22.8MB zipped
More notes and lyrics
Also available at Farscape Fantasy

Desperation is its own religion.

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Back Here

Title Back Here
Topic Farscape; S3 with just a wee bit of ep 4.01
Music Numbness For Sound by Howie Day
Stats Completed May 2005, 3:53
Windows Media (best) 640x480, 41.8MB zipped
Windows Media (medium) 320x240, 17.4MB zipped
More notes and lyrics
Also available at Farscape Fantasy

You get your life back, but somehow you're still the Crichton left behind.

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Time Ends

Title Time Ends
Topic Farscape; Peacekeeper Wars-centric, but all seasons included
Music Grace by Jeff Buckley
Stats Completed March 2005, 5:30
Windows Media 320x240, 28.9MB zipped
More notes and lyrics
Also available at Farscape Fantasy

Crichton holds the joys of his life in one hand and annihilation in the other. And his time has come.

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On With The Show

Title On With The Show
Topic Farscape; S3 (Infinite Possibilities through Dog With Two Bones)
Music The Show Must Go On from Moulin Rouge
Stats Completed January 2005, 3:06
Windows Media 320x240, 13.8MB zipped
More notes and lyrics
Also available at Farscape Fantasy

Aeryn grimly resolves to go on.

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Nobody Does It Better

Title Nobody Does It Better
Topic Jossverse general (Buffy, Angel, Firefly)
Music Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon
Stats Completed July 2003, 3:28
Windows Media 320x240, 12.1MB zipped

A nod to the creative force that is Joss (featuring episodes written and directed by him).

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Darla and Connor

Title Darla and Connor: A mother/son tribute
Topic Angel; S1-4
Music There You'll Be by Faith Hill
Stats Completed June 2003, 3:24
Windows Media 320x240, 5.85MB zipped

My first video, rendered in apparently the lowest possible quality I could think to use ;) But I'll never go back and "fix" this one, because everybody needs a first vid. And the intent behind this one was noble...I do love Darla so!

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